John Ringland, founder of RDC, is a visionary leader. His personal and business core values are exhibited by his fairness, consideration, compassion, strength, and tenacity. John was born in San Diego, California at that time his father was a fighter pilot in the Navy. His father piloted the Douglas F4D Skyray which was a carrier based supersonic fighter/interceptor aircraft. As John grew up his father was the VP of sales for two very large construction companies. It was during this time that he would visit various job sites with his father whenever possible. During these visits his father would teach him about the construction processes. He credits this exposure to the construction industry at such an early age with creating an understanding and appreciation for it. John fondly remembers wanting to drive the biggest trucks and bulldozers that they had.
As he grew up John and his family lived on a farm. His mother had a belief that living on a farm would give the family a better understanding of the world and life in general. This time on the farm delivered a good dose of hard work and allowed him to experience what it is like to care for and raise a wide range of farm animals. John used the experience of growing up on the farm to develop his understanding of nature and how dependent we are on the natural world.
While attending school John had a landscaping company. This company allowed him to hone his business skills and gain valuable experience as a small business owner. He helped fellow students by employing them in the summers. The income from the business was used to pay for his school tuition.
In the early 1980’s John worked on a series of large commercial projects for his father. These projects included steel mills, schools, and oil refineries just to name a few. It was during this time that John also got married. He married his wife Laura in 1982. He knew from the first time that he met her that he would marry her. She is his best friend, his guide, and the love of his life. She has stood proudly by his side through the best of times and through the worst of times. Together they have three wonderful children.
With the steel industry facing a downturn John relocated to Florida to pursue economic opportunities. These opportunities brought him to the city of Lakeland where he worked for a residential home builder. In the late 1980’s John’s father and mother retired to Sanibel, Florida. His father found retirement to be lacking mental stimulation so he explored opportunities that would satisfy his need for mental stimulation. The opportunities that they investigated did not interest them so they went with what they knew and Ringland Construction was formed in 1992. As a leader at Ringland Construction he used this time to gain experience and hone his skills both in construction and business management. The projects that he oversaw during this time range from home remodels to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial projects.
In 2003 John had the opportunity to venture out from the family business and start his own company. Thus Ringland Development Corporation was born. This change allowed him to creatively incorporate his childhood love of nature and beauty into his projects. Keeping in mind that today’s ever-changing world calls for new ways to create architecture, John’s focus is on building affordable, sustainable buildings whose presence leaves the least impact on the environment.