Ringland Development Corporation understands that the design and construction of a commercial building has a long-term impact on a business. When developing a project, RDC works closely with the owner to design a site and building that will be energy efficient, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

RDC uses a full service development plan to ensure that all the needs of the client are met. This plan starts the moment the client contacts RDC to begin a new construction project, finish a construction project, or for renovations and improvements to an existing commercial property.

RDC will meet with the client to discuss what type of service that is needed. Then the current and future needs for the space are discussed and planned. Location selection then begins to find the most feasible location for the project. During location selection the size of the parcel of land will also be discussed and the appropriate size will be determined. The parcel size is very critical to ensure that there is enough room for the building and parking. Parking is a very critical component of most commercial projects. Often times parking is overlooked and this can cause issues in the future.

Once the needs, location, and parcel size are determined the next phase can begin. RDC will coordinate and supervise the civil, architectural, and interior design along with the development of the budget for the project. This phase is critical in the construction of the project. From there the site coordination and building permitting process will be done. Once the site coordination and permitting is completed site preparation can begin. The next steps will be building construction followed by the interior finishes. Once all of this has been completed the most exciting phase can be done and that is the client moving into their new or renovated commercial property.

An excellent example of RDC’s design and build philosophy is Community Self Storage. Ringland Development was able to implement structural and energy efficiency items above and beyond what was required by code. The structural upgrades proved vital to the survival of the buildings and business of Community Self Storage.

This was proven as Hurricane Charlie swept through Southwest Florida within days of opening phase two of Community Self Storage. Despite the eye of the storm being just five miles from the new facility, all eight buildings were intact and undamaged. Community Self Storage was able to reopen for business as soon as electrical service was reestablished.

Here are some photos of our recent works: